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Many Houstonians are aware of the homeless animal crisis in our city.  It’s nearly impossible to drive five miles without seeing a dog roaming the streets in search of food or a homeless cat cowering in the bushes.  It’s a scene we unfortunately witness all too frequently.  In order to end this crisis, we believe we need to work together.  A single rescue or organization cannot end the crisis, so we try to lend a hand whenever possible:

aniMeals – Every month, Another Animal Saved sends two volunteers to help with Interfaith Ministries for Greater Houston aniMeal’s on Wheels program.  Through the program, about 1,100 homebound seniors are delivered dog and cat food.  Not only does the program provide food for pets, but it gives the seniors someone to talk to.    In their time with the program, the volunteers at Another Animal Saved have delivered to numerous families and helped over 20 animals.

Corridor Rescue Street Team – A volunteer from Another Animal Saved assists Corridor Rescue’s Street Team on a monthly basis.  Corridor Rescue feeds homeless animals along the Corridor of Cruelty every day.  Volunteers travel to designed feeding stations, leaving food and water for starving dogs, cats, and even goats.  This is not an easy job, but the immediate impacts are immeasurable.  Some of the animals have learned to trust the volunteers, even when no one else has been there for them.



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