Please Consider Fostering

What is Fostering?

Fosters are volunteers who accept animals into their home until the animal is adopted.  This provides the homeless animal a safe temporary home, as we look for their forever family. Foster animals come in all shapes, sizes and ages.  Some of these animals need a space to heal before they are available for adoption while others need a little more socialization. Fostering gives these animals everything they need and results in less animals being returned or abandoned!  By providing your time, love and home to a homeless animal, you prepare the animal to be adopted into their forever home.


Since Another Animal Saved does not have a shelter or facility, we rely heavily on our fosters.  When you foster an animal, not only are you saving the animal’s life, but you’re freeing up space in the shelter, giving another animal a chance.  You will be saving two lives!


We provide the food, supplies and vet care to all of our fosters.  The only thing the foster provides is the home, love and endless kisses!

Why you should foster?

There are many reasons animals may require foster care fosters.  Some of the reasons are as follows:

  • Kittens and puppies may be too young to be vaccinated and staying in a shelter will likely result in serious illnesses.
  • Cats or dogs are currently being treated for injuries or illness, and need a place to heal.
  • The shelter is full and unless crates/cages are emptied, animals are at risk of euthanization.
  • You are saving a life!

Foster Requirements?

Our foster program is a great way to save a life and one of the most essential aspects of our organization.  We have a few requirements involved in becoming a foster parent:

  • You must have a flexible schedule and be willing to take your dog or cat to routine health exams, appointments or other emergencies that may arise.
  • You must be at least 21 years old.
  • You must be willing to bring your foster to specified adoption events.  Although these events are not always on a set schedule, we try to have at least one event a month.
  • You must be committed to socializing your animal to numerous situations.  Different people, animals and environments help the animal adjust to changes and increase their acceptance and adoptability.

Note:  This section will be explained more upon submission.

  • Be able to provide a safe, clean and secure home for your animal.


Are you ready to become a foster and save a life?  We sure home so!  If so, please send us an email at to get the application form.

Fosters Needed

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